electrolyses_1Do you have a Skin Blemish you want removed?

Skin Blemish Removal Price: £150

Advanced cosmetic procedures (ACP) using electrolysis is a simple and safe method of successfully removing unwanted skin blemishes to maintain a blemish free complexion.
Using Advanced Electrolysis Bernie Fahy will remove fibrous and vascular skin blemishes including:

  • Red Veins
  • Spider Veins
  • Blood Spots
  • Skin Tags
  • Warts
  • Milia Pigmentation Patches to mention, but a few.

Sun damage, poor health and improper skincare product use can result in blemishes developing on the skin. This is often very difficult to see, but rest assured that The Skin Specialist is here to help.  Bernie Fahy will treat in an expert manner.

Skin Blemish Removal – the treatment

Bernie Fahy will examine your skin lesion. Following this, your skin lesion will be cleaned with an antiseptic wipe, and a numbing gel will be applied to the area.  A probe will then be used to treat your skin lesion.  The treatment will last a few minutes and you may or may not feel a little discomfort during the procedure.
Short-wave diathermy is used in this treatment, which involves applying a tiny energy current along the line of the skin blemish.  The current coagulates the lesion, removing it effectively.

Post Treatment
The surrounding skin may appear red and feel warm for a few hours after the treatment. You will be provided with aftercare advice as your skin continues to heal over the 24 hours following treatment.  It is often the case that a single treatment may be enough, however, more complex cases will need further personalised treatments.

Note:  sterile disposable needles with very precise needle control are used during Diathermy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Age Spots?What are Skin Tags?What is Keratinosis?What are Warts?What are Red Veins?What is Milia?
Pigment lesion on the skin appear flat or raised also known as sun spots or liver spots. They are commonly a sign of sun damage on the hands,face and shoulders.
Skin Tags commonly found on the neck and underarms, benign skin growth that looks like a small piece of skin hanging or slightly irregular shaped lesion, flesh coloured or slightly browner in appearance .
Generally appear all over the body ,due to ageing or damaged skin cells .Small harmless skin lesions ,dark brown in colour or sometimes with a yellow crust on the outer skin.
These are small skin lesions ,non cancerous growths within the skin tissue ,primarily caused by the human papilloma virus. There are several types of warts including ,plantar, common warts. The seborrhoeic keratosis are the only type of wart that is non contagious, and are a symptom of long term sun damage and genetics.
Red Veins are extremely common and represent in different shapes and size..Permanent dilation of the small ,superficial blood vessels on the nose, face,chest and legs .They may appear individually or as a very fine network of wavy red lines (thread veins), blood spots (single red dot) or Spider Naevi (blood spot with spider legs) Cherry Angiomas are raised or flat blood spots.Causes of Red Veins are pregnancy ,hormones ,genetics,alcohol and smoking.
Milia are tiny hard white lesions on the skin containing keratin which lie superficially under the skin surface. Common on the eye and cheek area making the skin appear bumpy. Experts believe that milia are caused by sun induced changes,dehydrated skin ,ageing skin and over rich skin creams.

Advanced Skin Treatments carried out by Bernie Fahy & Shivon