Fresh Up Treatment

Price: £80.00

If your skin is in need of regeneration then this quick beautifier is the answer for you. This intensive treatment gives the skin a surge of energy that is immediately noticeable. Your skin will be stimulated and revitalised revealing a fresh complexion.


Green Peel Energy Treatment

Price: £120.00

Energise your skin today for a visibly more radiant complexion.
This energy treatment restores the vitality to your skin and combats age-related deficits as well as scarring and pigmentation issues. Your skin will feel smooth and soft and will appear visibly radiant. You may avail of this treatment several times a year and have it as your personal anti-ageing remedy.


Mela White Treatment

Price  £120.00

Uneven skin tone and skin pigmentation needs Mela White Treatment.
Your skin’s suppleness and vitality is restored using Mela White Treatment advanced medicinal properties including soothing and healing herbs combined with co-enzyme Q10. Your skin will appear radiated and youthful.


Herbal Peeling Classic

Price: £250.00

The original natural ingredients of herbal green peel have made this the stand out skincare product of the last 50 years. Originally developed by Dr. Christine Schrammek, this product has treated a wide range of skin conditions with enormous success. Dr. Schrammek has combined eight different herbs rich in healing enzymes, minerals and vitamins to soothe and heal those difficult skin complaints.

For a limited time only, Bernie will offer you 3 FREE Aftercare Products to take home with you, which are personalized to your skincare needs.


Green Peel Treatments carried out by Bernie Fahy & Shivon