Ultimate_facialA facial that promises results and will leave you feeling naturally refreshed and radiant! Shivon combines the ‘Cream of the crop’ using a combined method in one super deluxe treatment.
Using Microdermabrasion to gently exfoliate and resurface, Mesotherapy to deliver nourishing substance including vitamins, amino acids and minerals to where the skin needs it most to stimulate collagen production and ensure you impart a youthful glow. Unveiled is a complexion that is smoother, firmer and thoroughly hydrated. Shivon combines both treatments with the popular Oxygen facial which uses pure, pressurised oxygen and high performance ingredients to improve circulation and ‘plump’ the skin, with lines and wrinkles being dramatically reduced.
The Ultimate facial is one that won’t disappoint and quite simply your skin will thank you for this treatment. Results not to be missed!

£160 per session 

£400 Course of 3

 All Facials now include a FREE eyebrow grooming (with tint if required)